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Guangzhou's Bai Ling Hotel (Guangzhou Yinhai Bailing Jiudian) stands by the Pearl River,  within walking distance of Tianzi Port and a bar street.

This Guangzhou hotel offers various rooms affording stunning river view and cityscape.

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住客评论 4570条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • e00371646
    You said it, all
  • colafans
    Came for the second time
  • fly360
    It's OK
  • fengtianbadao
    As if ashes home to see
  • e04629936
    Was in river side. is Metro somewhat far, but main entrance out is bus station. regret buy Metro votes has, should buy bus votes. I is go with to Beijing Road walk of. Jiang Jingfang is big, bed than city King room most has-I see has past of evaluation, selected has floors high of room, night cruise to is late, also playing Horn. bus tourism 2, to Guangzhou Tower too convenient has, downstairs to downstairs! so, we wayward of intends to to Guangzhou Tower two times, once see night, day again to once! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  • betty102
    Good location, good free parking, not far from Metro station, ten minutes on foot, old hotel facilities. the hotel facing the Pearl River with great view, there's a balcony would be better.
  • wangbao569
    As good as usual
  • cjp0026
    Hotel is so poor, totally not worth the price. but bad service!
  • beijinglj
    Hotel a bit dated, others are good.
  • anitayu3887
    Great location on the waterfront, the service is also very good, the downstairs bar street, snack less, live street view rooms, central air conditioning is a bit noisy from the opposite building, noise can be, so you need to shut the window to sleep-
  • E00827838
    In addition to the location, other highlights ... experienced it know.
  • asgfsa
    Good surroundings, you can look straight into the Pearl River.
  • e00029012
    Breakfast is very poor.
  • grace_lolila
    Nice location close to the Marina, in front of bus station, not far from the Metro station, swipe to open floors, next time I will choose
  • e00215572
    Riverview room landscape really of good, hotel of location really good, health also is about, is room slightly small has points, this price in Guangzhou River side value. hotel near environment or, especially away from with Beijing Road is near, river side slipped slipped then to Beijing Road see downtown, good. only of insufficient is breakfast too single has, is General. General for this trip travel good.
  • gruyee
    Facilities at the hotel is a bit old, others are pretty good, there is no free shampoo, shower gel, with charges
  • yannanjunai
    Hotel stayed many times, only this time the Canton fair, the results no breakfast
  • olive707
    Lot line
  • lixueyan
    Also good is the facilities inside the hotel is a bit shabby can be updated
  • e00099451
    All right
  • mollyle2008
    It wasn't too bad
  • fififamily
    Very good-very late-night could see the River very nice toiletries to charge but the quality is very good bathroom amenities and was going to live one day choose to stay behind-bus stop convenience store downstairs to eat convenience!
  • meteor1943
    Nice is a little pity, air conditioning not to force
  • fonvin
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
  • marry8318
    Except location also line zhiwai, don't no advantage, not only equipment old, and health very poor! room in has a unit mold taste, even also has strong of urine Sao taste, air conditioning open to maximum, also can smell to. accidentally between found, actually this hotel is from addition a name directly changed its name came 'refurbished' of, the aspects are is followed, even many nameplate are no for had, hotel of small towel directly is broken of (photo for cases), again joint thought because find things, opened table,See the following garbage was killed not to second! sick! traveling in North Canton, this encounter was wonderful! advise you Sir, don't be cheap, we take care of Ah!
  • aaronlj1986
    Service was good, efficient, Pearl River night. equipment is slightly older, but without losing functionality; lovely, but external traffic frequent traffic congestion, such as pressed for time, consider the time factor; I stay two nights, more foreign friends, the sound is slightly larger.
  • Naviboy
    Smell of the room, and slept only a few hours on the
  • jingvltara
    Hotel great location ~ ~ inconvenient to come home at night to bar street ~ room was very big and comfortable but bathroom have to charge $5 for a set feels a bit ~
  • fxw00019
    Hotel is fine, just on the edge of the Pearl River, convenient! but the downside is that the rooms Windows are fixed dead, simply not open! room ventilation, the taste is not good smell!
  • Donneyu
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • ing789
    Good location, along the Pearl River, is close to the road from Beijing, eat, shop, go out easily. the hotel security was good, into the floor must also be brushing card can go in.
  • csnweiwei
    Superior convenient parking space with the room card billing for free. Other personal preference and travel choices.
  • Annaming
    Guangzhou live every time you come here, enjoy
  • anndey
    Services not previously silver good. change after boss. staff attitude poor. holiday cleaning is not timely. breakfast is very poor
  • mao1123
    Hotel Pearl River! you can see opposite and, East of the river
  • Rose Shadow
    Hotels in this price environment is very good, is LU from Beijing Subway to go more than 10 minutes, near environment is quiet,
  • clj0726
    Around eating still more convenient, particularly for hotels near wonton noodle, crab scatterers swallow taste really good. hotel is spacious, the facility is a bit old, but facing River and still feel good.
  • sean_sun
    Room has odor, really of good small, ceiling good end of, wall body good old, dark, no window, toilet than sleep of place also to big, good suppressed, price not high, lot hotel room are than it good, 7 days than it many has, even in McDonald's sat, also don't to province dozens of Yuan, other room normal. don't to province dozens of Yuan. or you will regret staying this mini room, that was is pit dad. do don't set this pit Dad of broken room!
  • bbrong
    Hotel reception staff service was poor, one-time items will be charged. request smokeless cigarette could often smell coming from the room next to the room. storage for more than three days to charge. room key failures often need to front new set. will not choose to stay there again.
  • nicai21cn
    Is good, good health, mainly security, each floor has a credit card, next time it will be to live,
  • e00681722
    The river great, except that glass is not noise-insulating glass; Riverview road noise can be heard. My friends continued to pay a two-day money, but changed plans, refused to return began the day room rate; no obligation on dared not say friends, just think haijun less honest.
  • Daniel Liu
    Environment is super good, you can see the Pearl River boat, nice! hotel safety performance is also very good, to credit card can go! 4 there are eating places, prices are very favorable.
  • ffcc08
    Like Riverview. is quite good
  • aison
    Extension requested non smoking room still smell mildew mildew smell
  • e03151243
    Its an average hotel but have good location. This was not the first time I stayed in this hotel and I will still go back to them because of price and location.
  • dddxxxsss
    quite far from train need to walk quite a bit .good price
  • i6i6i
    Can look at the Pearl River at night, sleeping is quiet, it is worth staying, next to the living
  • conancyj
    Can accept
  • Natnatpigpig
    Nice recommends that other visitors
  • papabubu
    Rooms are a little small, good location, the environment can also