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Guangzhou's Bai Ling Hotel (Guangzhou Yinhai Bailing Jiudian) stands by the Pearl River,  within walking distance of Tianzi Port and a bar street.

This Guangzhou hotel offers various rooms affording stunning river view and cityscape.

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  • OG0929
    Hotel slippers. bathing is not convenient.
  • dexteryoung000
    Around Nice, close to the edge of the Pearl River, is close to the street from Beijing, is surrounded by local food was toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and other 5.
  • gruyee
    Facilities at the hotel is a bit old, others are pretty good, there is no free shampoo, shower gel, with charges
  • Wang Youcao
    Overall it can be
  • wangbao569
    As good as usual
  • Freedoms
    U know how to care for and might break out solutions and theatre
  • ryanweb
    Location is good, good health, the environment, good service
  • gy6725775
    Nice to see Pearl River, the surrounding environment and the overall facilities of the hotel.
  • gongpeipei99
    Hotel is good, great hot water bath very comfortable, close to Beijing Road, convenient to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, a taxi driver said to haijun yinhai building, said many hotels don't know the room is also equipped with safety deposit box you can put valuable items
  • angela_gu
    Which is very nice
  • baiyuan
    Rooms are large ... Beautiful river view ... Comfortable and value-for-money ... But if staying clean, toilet spare no additional ... Sheets did not pave the way for replacement only
  • e00671961
  • melleo
    In addition to outside the fancy location, rooms were very old, staff attitude was so bad, even basic toiletries needed extra money, it's cheating, will never come again, you must think about it ~ ~ you must think about it ~ ~ everyone must think twice ~~
  • franco10
    Very clean, near Beijing Road
  • aassee
    Room no bathroom guest bed
  • gavinmsb
    Convenient location, overall recommended
  • AmoyEric
    So far from Metro station, access will need to take a taxi ... Most of the river scenery and enjoy! hotel amenities are too old, with no automatic upgrades, with the hope that you have received the money, increased a little ...
  • avanieeyc
    Very nice River view room is nice room too small
  • bobbell
    Feeling pretty good
  • m00041847
    Also, City Center
  • anson531
    Well surrounded by many bars! service is also available! Riverview room nights are beautiful! but feel not eating a lot! room was a bit small boxes are not open!
  • Andyxiangbing
    High performance-price ratio
  • drwdd
    Location is good, the environment is also very good, the room can see the Pearl River, the price is moderate, reasonable, but no shampoo, shower gel, and generally can be, next time
  • Benerlo
    Very good, all very satisfied!
  • stella918
    Environment is good, security can, next to it.
  • joyyi808
    OK, the nostalgic journey. break a quilt out of ten dollars, and reasonable price
  • olive707
    Lot line
  • annie Wang Yan
    May is national day of reason, 258 Yuan only to mini room, rooms are very small, as there is no window inside a musty smell, location OK, Pearl River, not far away there is a small restaurant.
  • luevay
    Hotel is good, just on the Pearl River, when we just rain, large floor to ceiling Windows looking at night listening to the rain, Black Duck eating week, I feel pretty good, lol-
  • amiya75
    Transport facilities,
  • A041101012
    Very good service of the staff, after
  • sf01145
    Nice! great!
  • aisla
    All right
  • D03718576
    Convenient transportation, is some old furniture and a television, ventilate the room well, just stay smell. near bars, restaurants are more free night can also take a walk along the Pearl River, hotel entrance road is on the Pearl River boat docks
  • lanfeng5154
    Hotels in Nice
  • superrui
    1. when the WiFi in the guest lobby, poor attitude of denial of service, had to give a bad review of service 2. Network speed is only a little faster than a snail in a room, and there are not many TV channels, so facilities scoring average
  • Babado
    The outside environment can also, surrounding facilities are good. even toiletries are not provided this service really is not in place. and the rooms window big enough
  • bourgeo
    A small hotel, Canton fair period violence rose.
  • antias
    Guangzhou haijun this is the second stay at the hotel, services and the environment, was very satisfactory, and in Guangzhou, the local free parking, which is very rare.
  • bigeyebruce
    Larger rooms, but poor
  • eastvenus
    Roof is low, room also is unlikely to, may is I set of room compared cheap's. does can see Pearl River, sooner or later are has tour round in river Shang drove had. around has many bar, has a called color of, looks is hot, like this of can to live. away from days code head walk not over five minutes, is to sat tour round only live in this of, feel good
  • rongrong8229
    And we think it's great!
    Hotel service is poor, no separate toilet and shower the room, there is only one square, hotel met for the first time in the Decade bath charges, combs, toothbrushes charge no breakfast room is very small, especially the old, poor facilities, hope guests attention, than the average Inn.
  • abcdef227
    Is an old hotel, the facility is old, but the location is great, in Pearl River, walk near the Pearl River at night, 20 minutes ' walk from Beijing Road were also in close proximity, but parking is obviously inadequate, too late for no spaces, twin room Deluxe final arrangements, not the Riverview room, high price
  • bessie_jj333
    Also, is the equipment is old
  • joang10018
    Hotel is very hard to find, the traffic is very convenient. window is the Xiang River, boat passing by outside. environment, very clean, room was very wide, big bed really large. overall is very good.
  • dj331
    Facilities a bit older is great, health has a good, quiet at night.
  • lpf14stamp
    Well, near the Pearl River and is also very convenient, hotel conditions
  • Jayxu
    Location by with River, Windows enough big, see Riverview no imagine of so cool, but night views also is can of. scheduled of when didn't see, live of Riverview big bed room, not luxury room, but price is more than 300 more, than Riverview luxury double bed room your, so facilities is General's. room fell secretly of, lamp not more, air-conditioning also is foot. toothbrush and bath need charges 5 Yuan a, hotel overall odor compared heavy, into has Hall on can smell to, each layer are to access, securityAspects also can. location to all attractions distance not far, this is rare of advantages. but price also is your has some. health aspects performance is great. bathroom somewhat small, bath what are in with, no wall, this than shortcut. around 711 many, eat of also pretty more, this hotel also on Riverview and location is a selling has. cleaning courtesy also line.
  • jolyguo
    Networking doesn't work other than static