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Fairmont luxury travel insight: high-end travelers attaches great importance to the hotel experience

Date: 2018-12-24

Fairmont brand has launched the second portion of the Luxury travel insight Report (key-2 Luxury Insights Report), the main findings.The latest report focuses on "to the door of the house - the hotel is the core of the community", is a series of ongoing dominated by research, data driven part of the luxury tourism development trend report.According to the report, high-end tourists hotels and resorts as authority and trustworthy travel guide.

The new study found that the hotel is considered to be the backbone of the community, to make the foreign or local tourists understand the characteristics of the real destination.High-end travelers think hotel not only is the mastermind of a true local travel experience, it can also the characteristics of the destination and return home comfort together, creating a trusted relationships, and put the best hotel in the world at the core of the travel experience.

Fairmont, vice President of brand Sharon Cohen said: "the fairmont hotels have special connection with the community.The one of our brand promise is to protect these diverse, picturesque place, and improve the overall well-being of these sites.This guiding principle is rooted in our brand culture, and also we conducted the study motivation, the purpose is to further promote and confirm fairmont hotel's important role in the local community, as well as foreign and local view of the fact that the travelers."

Fairmont Luxury travel insight reports of data from the 2018 Global Luxury travelers Fairmont insight into research (Fairmont 's 2018 Global key-2 Luxury Traveler Insights Study).The study on from France, the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, China and the united Arab emirates 2725 high-end travelers online survey.Including consumer experience futurists, strategist, association leaders and tourism sustainable development, global industry leaders to the President of the company also Shared their views on the results of the survey, to improve the study and promote discussion.The discussion around two themes, namely, innovative leadership and to explore an indispensable role in tourism travel experience.Their views and opinions will be in the new Leaders on key-2 Luxury video series was further discussed.The video will include from fairmont, accor hotel group, and other industry experts comment on the current status of the luxury travel market.

Research shows that the guest see luxury hotel as an important part of travel experience.The meaning of the hotel accommodation for the night is no longer the traditional sense, guests want the hotel to provide immersive experience.Such an experience is not only feasible, but also meet the needs of travellers family.

The report highlights include:

Exclusive experience: travelers preferred travel experience rather than the brand, two-thirds (65%) of respondents believed that others cannot enjoy the exclusive experience is important.

Destination experts: 89% of respondents think satisfying hotel often have familiar with the area of staff, and able to provide only the locals know local information.Hotel factor: 93% of high-end travelers think hotel is an important part of the holiday experience, has a very important factor, so more than half (59%) of respondents believe that the hotel will affect their choice of travel destination.

Green: 84% of respondents think travel experience provided by the hotel without any harm to the local community it is very important.The guests realize that excessive tourism growing problem, so if you want to make to attract them to travel around the world the beauty of the sustained, it must make a change.Travelers want to luxury hotel can help promote positive, sustainable change.

No flight: luxury hotel is not just for the rich.77% of respondents said the luxury hotel for their social and commercial activities in his hometown of provided valuable site selection.As an important part of the community, the local people will often choose to celebrate important moments in the hotel and create family traditions.

Community links: experienced travelers to understand the impact of tourism to a destination.Four 5 of respondents think conducive to the sustainable development of environment and originated from the cooking ingredients are very important.

Cohen added: "not surprisingly, our new study has found that fairmont hotels in help guests to understand the local community has played a vital role.With fairmont hotels to enter new markets around the world, we will continue to carry out investment to deepen the understanding of our guests and the local community, to ensure that we can achieve their expectations, to adapt to their needs."